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For a $10 donation, you will experience several heartfelt scenes from the film and powerful research on the horse-human connection.

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A new film coming soon about the miracles,
mystery, and science of healing with horses

Click the video above to watch our 2-minute Teaser

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The Inspiration Behind Rescued Hearts

I once witnessed a miracle when a 7-year-old diagnosed with autism spoke his very first words while interacting with a horse, and it forever changed my life.


After hearing countless stories of people who have experienced miraculous transformations in the presence of horses, I began to wonder, "Why are horses so healing to humans and what are they here to teach us?"


My partner, Krisanna, and I are award-winning filmmakers, and together we are embarking on a journey to better understand the horse-human connection.


Our film will share powerful stories from those who have experienced incredible transformations and those who have dedicated their lives to equine-assisted work. We'll highlight researchers who can speak to why this connection is so powerful and share tools to help us access our healing power within.


Rescued Hearts isn't just the story of horses; it's the story of all of us and the power that lies within to create healing and transformation in our lives.

- Dana Croschere, Producer



We’re making this film for every parent who has struggled to find ways to help their child.

For those on the outside of society, who feel unlovable because they don’t know where they fit.

For every veteran and first responder haunted by the past.

For those who have lost someone so close to them, they struggle to make it through another day.

For every horse who has been used as a tool, or was rejected and thrown away

because they didn’t fit a perfect mold.

For all those who have experienced so much trauma they have locked away their own heart.


We hope to offer this film as a way of finding our way back home…

through connection with ourselves, each other, horses, and all of nature. 

Join us on this mission, and help us make this film a reality.

If you prefer your donation be tax-deductible,

please click here.

Where, when, and how
can I watch the film?

We plan to release Rescued Hearts by the Fall of 2024, and will share more specifics about our worldwide virtual premiere to our Rescued Hearts community via email. Make sure you subscribe (below) for updates!

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Does the heart rescue us?

Learn more about heart coherence during our recent virtual event and how it just may be the secret to the power of the horse-human connection.

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Who We Are

Dana Croschere, Producer of Rescued Hearts Film
Dana Croschere, Producer

Dana Croschere is an award-winning producer who found her purpose after going through one of the darkest seasons of her life. She endured two failed spine surgeries as she desperately tried to heal from chronic pain, and it led her on a journey of self-discovery and healing that forever changed her life.


Her most recent film, LOVE HEALS, was created as a result of that journey, and it helped her realize her gift as a Storyteller and Producer. As the film is now helping millions around the world, Dana and her partner Krisanna have dedicated their lives to creating films that spread love, hope, and healing.


Dana spent time over the last 15 years volunteering at various ranches, immersing herself in the transformative world of equine-assisted services and witnessing the healing power that was present in these sacred connections with horses.


As she navigated her own healing journey, Dana has always felt drawn to creating a film about the healing power of horses, and RESCUED HEARTS is her dream come true.

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Krisanna Sexton, Director

Krisanna Sexton, an award-winning Director with Live Wild Films, knows firsthand the power that comes from embracing our authenticity.

Although she has been a filmmaker since the age of 16, she didn't come out as gay until she was 28. As she began her journey toward love and acceptance of herself, she also discovered her potential to create conscious films.


Working on RESCUED HEARTS has opened her heart in ways she could have never imagined, and she prays this film will help open the hearts and minds of people around the world as they awaken to the healing potential within themselves.


Her most recent award-winning film, LOVE HEALS, has received acclaim across international boundaries and is now being released on PBS & GAIA along with distributors around the world.


Krisanna believes our stories have the power to change the world and remains committed to spreading hope and inspiration through the films she creates, working alongside the love of her life, Dana.



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