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The miracles, the mystery, and the
science of healing with horses
Rescued Hearts Documentary

Join us in a journey of inspiration and healing. Your tax-deductible donation will help create a film that resonates with hearts worldwide.

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The Inspiration Behind Rescued Hearts

I once witnessed a miracle when a 7-year-old autistic child spoke their very first words while interacting with a horse, and it forever changed my life.


After hearing countless stories of people who have experienced miraculous transformations in the presence of these majestic animals, I began to wonder, "Why do horses seem to impact humans so deeply, and what is it that creates the healing effect?"


My partner, Krisanna, and I are award-winning filmmakers, and together we are embarking on a journey to better understand the horse-human connection.


Our film will share powerful stories from those who have experienced incredible transformations and those who have dedicated their lives to this work. We'll speak with scientists on the cutting edge of research that is proving why this connection is so powerful and share tools to help us access our healing power within.


Rescued Hearts isn't just the story of horses; it's the story of all of us and the power that lies within to create healing and transformation in our lives.

- Dana Croschere, Producer

Join Us in Bringing the Film to Life

Your tax-deductible contribution is an opportunity to leave a legacy of compassion and transformation, empowering generations to discover the healing power of the horse-human connection.


Who We Are

Dana Croschere, Producer of Rescued Hearts Film
Dana Croschere, Producer

Beyond her accomplishments as an award-winning Film Producer, Dana spent time over the last 15 years volunteering at various ranches, immersing herself in the transformative world of equine-assisted therapies and witnessing the healing power that was present in these sacred connections.

As she navigated her own healing journey, Dana has always felt drawn to creating a film about the healing power of horses, and Rescued Hearts is her dream come true.

Krisanna Sexton, Director of Rescued Hearts Film
Krisanna Sexton, Director

Krisanna Sexton, an award-winning Director with Live Wild Films, is driven by a mission to spread hope and healing. While her experience with horses may not be extensive, Krisanna's belief in exploring alternative modalities for healing fuels her enthusiasm for this unique project. She sees this documentary as a journey of discovery, connecting people with new avenues for transformation and growth.


Her most recent success, "Love Heals," has received acclaim across international boundaries. Scheduled for a national broadcast on PBS in 2023, this documentary stands as a testament to Krisanna's ability to touch hearts and minds through her poignant storytelling. Her work on "Rescued Hearts" promises to be a continuation of her mission to inspire and heal through the medium of film.

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